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May 2019

Donate blood before Ramadan

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Ramadan takes place this year from 5 May to 4 June. Muslims able to give blood are being called to donate before Ramadan begins. Blood donation takes up 30 minutes – only 475ml of blood is taken, and this is replaced within 24 hours.


Jan 2019

Pay it forward in 2019

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Pay it forward in 2019 by making regular blood donations. Committing to four donations during the year could save up to 12 lives - every unit of whole blood is separated into three lifesaving parts; red cell, platelets and plasma.


Apr 2019

The Blood Service wants your blood – not your vote!

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Election day is around the corner and political parties are furiously campaigning for one more vote at the poles. A new political candidate has entered the hotly contested race. Representing the Western Cape Blood Service, Blood Buddy isn’t interested in your vote – he wants your blood!


Jan 2019

New era for Western Cape Blood Service

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The collection of blood from blood donors, and provision of blood products to patients in hospitals has been the responsibility of the Western Province Blood Transfusion Service for the past 80 years.