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Which format do you prefer to receive our newsletter in?

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Will you donate blood in 2020?

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Which method of contact is the most effective to inform you of an upcoming blood donation clinic?

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How user-friendly do you find our website?

I easily find what I need.
70% (177 votes)
It's okay, but some functions could be improved.
17% (42 votes)
The website is useful, but has too many pages.
1% (2 votes)
I struggle to find what I need.
13% (33 votes)
Total votes: 254

How far are you willing to travel to donate blood?

Less than 100m
4% (21 votes)
100m - 1km
7% (34 votes)
1km - 5km
27% (133 votes)
5km - 10km
31% (153 votes)
More than 10km
30% (146 votes)
Total votes: 487