Blood Buzz Newsletter – July 2021

Dear Blood Donor,

Can you believe, we are already in the second part of the year and winter has firmly taken a grip on the weather. Traditionally, winter has always been a difficult period for blood collections as more donors are prone to suffer from colds and flu and subsequently unable to donate blood. Let’s face it, going out in the stormy rain is not always a top priority. We are grateful that our donors keep donating blood despite the cold.

In this edition of Blood Buzz, read more on how we celebrated National Blood Donor Month in June, our annual Smile 90.4FM Mandela Week Challenge and how our staff gave back to the community in the spirit of Mandela Day. Be sure not to miss Craig Hick’s article “The Difference a Day Makes”, a true and inspiring story about a blood recipient. Also, read about the seroprevalence study we are conducting, find out what the purpose of the HemoFlow is and read more about our own social media superstars.

Enjoy this edition and please stay safe.

Yours in blood donation,



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