What is the purpose of the donor questionnaire?

You’ll be asked to fill out the confidential donor questionnaire each time you donate blood. Your responses will give us a good idea of your general health and blood condition – it’s absolutely vital that all our donor blood is safe. As an added bonus, it’ll give you a good indication of your overall health too.

Based on your answers, we might have to ask you not to donate. This can happen to perfectly healthy people from time to time – even a common cold will prevent you from donating. Rather spare yourself a wasted visit, and before you head to the clinic, check our list of things that could prevent you from being able to give blood. Contact us if you have any queries.

This electronic copy of the confidential donor questionnaire are for viewing purposes only.  Due to safety reasons, the confidential donor questionnaire has to be completed at the blood donation clinic. No electronically completed copies will be accepted at the blood donation clinic.