By Craig Hicks

You might have heard our appeals for the selfless and life-saving act of donating blood.

As we all know, donating blood is vital. It saves lives and is one of the few highly effective acts of altruism that does not require a financial donation or a commitment of lots of time.

As we remind you to donate blood, please know that we are as loyal to our worthy cause as the thousands of donors who regularly donate blood. Let’s look at 3 of our staff members who are also remarkable blood donors!

Sister Kim Strutt – Manager: Donor Collections

Kim Strutt is the manager of the Donor Collections department. This department is the friendly clinic staff you see at our blood donation clinics! Her primary task is the day-to-day running of the department to ensure that this well-oiled machine continues to be the highly-functional face of the organisation.

Kim started donating whole blood in 2008 and has donated 40 units of blood. She started and continues with her selfless act of donating blood due to 2 main reasons, her blood type is O-positive and being eligible.

Currently, she is a plasma donor. This process differs from whole blood donation. To read more about plasma donation, click here.

She would like to urge others to either “keep donating, or sign up today to become a blood donor – It’s easy to do, takes very little time, and the reward is knowing that you have contributed to saving a life or two!”

Doctor Caroline Hilton – Head: Medical Division

Caroline Hilton manages the Medical Division. She has been a blood donor since 2017. With 12 units under her belt, she started donating blood “to help the thousands of patients who need blood in our province”. Due to her position, Caroline has come across many patients whose lives have been directly saved by the units of blood donated by selfless blood donors.

Caroline is personally motivated by the fact that “It’s such an easy and quick way to make a huge impact on other people’s lives”. She would also like to assure prospective blood donors that it really isn’t that sore and to come and give it a try!

Brent Jones – Deputy Supervisor: Donor Records

As the deputy supervisor of our Donor Records department, Brent is tasked with assisting the Supervisor maintaining all clerical functions of the Donor Records department. This department processes and updates each donor’s confidential donor information, every time they donate.

Kim, Caroline and Brent are just a few examples of our pool of caring staff. We, at WCBS have a passion for saving lives, are committed to our cause and strive to lead by example. So next time you are at a blood donation clinic, chat to us and share your stories.