WCBS recently published Blood Bank turnaround times to assist blood users with their expectations for blood requests and examinations (tests) within agreed time-frames.

Blood Requests and Examinations (Tests)

Turnaround Times

STAT crossmatch 20 – 30 minutes
Full crossmatch 2 hours
Routine crossmatch 2 hours or for when required
Group and screen 2 hours
Red cell products with repeat electronic crossmatch 10 minutes if repeat order
Red cell products 2 hours
Washed red cell products 6 – 9 hours
Haemoconcentrate Notify the day before by 13:00 (24 -36 hours) – not available on Mondays
Single donor platelets 3 – 11 hours depending on if there are emergency platelets available or if it has to be bled
Random donor platelets 2 hours
Fresh frozen plasma 2 hours (30 minutes if a repeat order)
Antibody titration 2 hours
Cryoprecipitate 2 hours (30 minutes if a repeat order)
Irradiation of blood products 2 hours depending on products
Group O emergency blood stock replenishment 10 minutes
Designated donation blood products 2 days
Direct Coombs 2 hours
Coombs auto 2 hours
Crypt antigen test 2 hours
Anti-T titration 2 hours
Cord & maternal (includes NaOH test) 2 hours
Blood request for peripheral stem cell transplant 3 days, with the exception of HLA-matched platelets.

The above-mentioned turnaround times (TATs) exclude transportation. If you wish to discuss the TATs, kindly contact your nearest Blood Bank.