By Nadia Turner

We partnered with Smile 90.4FM and ran a week-long campaign from 1-8 July 2022. The campaign, called “for a socking good time”, was a tongue-in-cheek campaign aimed at increasing blood donations at all 5 fixed site blood donation centres in the Cape Metropol. The 5 fixed site clinics, namely Blue Route Mall, N1 City Mall, 9 Long Street, Cape Gate Centre and Kenilworth Centre, were to collect 1000 units of blood with 100 new blood donors over the 5 days.

During the winter months, we give our donors a pair of funky socks to keep them warm and cosy as an extra token of appreciation. Winter is a challenging time for us as donors suffer from colds and flu and the weather is not always conducive to going outside.

During the campaign, Smile 90.4FM reported the daily blood collections in the afternoon news bulletin to keep listeners informed and motivated to donate blood. By the end of the week, 1067 donors attended the 5 fixed blood donation centres in an attempt to donate blood. In total 913 units of blood were collected. We are also delighted to report that 107 new blood donors started their life-saving journey during this week.

Thank you to Smile 90.4FM listeners and our loyal blood donors who showed their support. We love having a socking good time with you.