By Toni Erasmus

Celebrating our heartworking heroes – it is with immense pride that we celebrate Nurses’ Day; International Nurses’ Day is celebrated annually on 12 May. It’s a day when we stop and acknowledge the incredible work of those who keep our healthcare system running smoothly. Here at the Western Cape Blood Service, we’re proud to celebrate 43 amazing nurses who play a pivotal part of our team.

Our nurses do so much more than just taking your blood pressure and conducting healthcare interviews. They’re the friendly faces that brighten up your day when you come to the blood donation centre, the ones who hold your hand and reassure you that everything is going to be okay. They are the ones who go beyond the call of duty to help you through your blood donation process; even if that means becoming a singer to calm your nerves; an instant mom to your children who join you at the donation centre and a coach that tells you how to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. They make sure you have the remarkable opportunity to save lives.

Meet some of our heroes – they share why they became nurses and a few words to our donors.

Western Cape Blood Service Nurse

“I never thought I would become a nurse but since I started my studies I realised that working with people is my passion. I would like to tell our donors how immensely grateful I am to serve them and for the sacrifice they make to save lives. My role as a nurse always has the best interest of the donor at heart.” – Sr Vasti Le Roux

Western Cape Blood Service Nurse

“I always wanted to become a nurse because I wanted to take care of people. Working at the Western Cape Blood Service is a huge privilege, especially working with donors in the Apheresis Clinic; where they specifically donate platelets that go towards helping patients affected by cancer.” – Sr Samantha Pretorius

Western Cape Blood Service Nurse

“I wanted to be a nurse because I did not want anyone to feel alone in the world no matter who they are or what their condition was. I became a nurse because I believed I could make a difference in the lives of people, families and in the healthcare system. I want our donors to know that they are remarkable and that is something that they can be proud of.”  – Sr Danelle Visagie

“In primary school, I cared for a sick neighbour without hesitation. I cooked, fetched his meds, and comforted him. His passing saddened me deeply, but it also sparked my interest in nursing. I’ve always believed nurses have a unique ability to change lives, and I wanted to be part of that.” – Sr Sindiswa Mabadi

To our amazing team at the Western Cape Blood Service and to nurses everywhere, thank you for all that you do. You may not wear capes, but in our book, you’re all superheroes. Happy Nurses’ Day!