By Toni Erasmus

Overcoming personal barriers on your blood donation journey. Read more how these donors went from fear to empowerment as life-saving blood donors.  You may somewhat relate to their stories; we look forward to hearing your story and hope that this article inspires you too.

Not everyone has it easy when they think about blood donation. There are many challenges, both internally and externally, that can keep us from making the decision to become a blood donor. What is holding you back? Is it the fear of needles? The myths or misconceptions we read online or the craziest idea that something awful will happen? Well, this article is for you because you are not alone.

Meet our overcomers who once had something keeping them from becoming a blood donor and today donate regularly with the heart and purpose of saving lives.

western cape blood donor

Here is Fahdiel. He has a fear of needles; even the slightest sight sends shivers down his spine. He realised his wife was a loyal donor and wanted to support her on this journey. After sharing that he had a fear of needles with our clinic team, they reassured him that for those with this fear, they use a cloth to cover the needle and guide him through the process comfortably. With the support of his wife and dedicated clinic staff, he overcame his fear of needles. Look at him today, smiling as he continues to save countless lives!

Meet Leslay. Before she became a donor, she believed that due to her busy schedule, she was not someone who could donate blood. She also thought that blood donation was a very long process and that it was for those who had enough time. However, to her surprise, it only took 30 minutes to complete the process and save three lives. She was also inspired by the difference her 30 minutes make in the lives of patients who desperately need blood. Leslay now plans her schedule or even comes to donate during her lunch hour.

Western Cape Blood Donor

Meet Bronwyn. For her, blood donation was something strange to understand and an overwhelming process to grasp. Reflecting back to the very first time, she had many misconceptions about blood donation. She thought that she could get sick or catch a virus when donating blood, that she would not have enough blood after donating. One of the many misconceptions she had was that there were enough donors, so she did not have to be one. Bronwyn later learned that only 1% of South Africans donate blood and that every unit of blood contributes to saving a life.

We understand how difficult it can be to overcome the challenges we face. No matter how big or small, they come in different forms. Whatever this is for you, you are not alone. Let us know how we can help you.

What this truly shows us is that we are more alike than we are different. If Fahdiel, Leslay, and Bronwyn were able to overcome their fears and challenges, so can you! Whether you’re conquering your fear of needles, making time in your busy schedule, or debunking misconceptions, your contribution matters!

Donate Blood today!