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Where Can I Donate?

Find your closest blood donation clinic on our calendar. We have 5 permanent blood donation centres in Cape Town and 2 regional branches in Worcester and George. We also host mobile blood drives throughout Cape Town and all over the Western Cape. Simply navigate to the calendar and select the day that you’d like to donate blood. The clinics that take place on the day will be displayed per region. You can select the 1 most convenient and add it to your calendar. When it is time to donate, use the GPS coordinates to help you navigate you to the venue.

Access Your Digital Donor Card

Find out all your blood donor information, like your blood type, donor code, and number of donations you’ve made. You can also see when you last donated and when you are next due to donate again.

See Our Blood Stock Levels Daily

See what our current blood stock levels are in the Western Cape. We aim to maintain a 5-day blood supply in each blood type. If you see blood stocks dropping, please take the time to donate blood. Also bear in mind that the blood stock levels can change on a daily basis – even if we have a 5-day supply, this can drop any day so we need donors to donate continuously in order to maintain it.

Not a blood donor yet?

Not to worry! You can register as a blood donor on the WCBS App. Download the app today and make blood donation and saving lives part of your lifestyle.

For any app related queries please send an email to with the subject line: WCBS App.

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