Commit to doing something remarkable – donate blood

By Marike Gevers

The Western Cape Blood Service (WCBS) aims to collect 700 units of blood every day in order to supply the Western Cape with a safe, sufficient blood supply. Blood stocks fluctuate due to various reasons. The festive season tends to also add more pressure on the blood supply, and this year was no different.

“We would like to thank all our blood donors that supported us in 2021, especially over the Festive Season. We managed to collect 12 604 units over this period and were able to save up to 37 812 lives”, says Marike Gevers, Public Relations Manager at WCBS.

Our “Commit to doing something remarkable” campaign was launched at the beginning of the year. With this campaign, we aim to educate the public about the importance of blood donation; and encourage donors to donate at least 4 times a year and save up to 12 lives. As a token of appreciation, we give all donors who successfully donate 4 units of blood during the year a commitment campaign gift. This year donors will be able to choose between a limited-edition branded blood donor camping chair or a mini-portable charcoal braai.

“We are appealing to all eligible blood donors to make the commitment to donate blood at least 4 times during 2022.”, says Marike Gevers, Public Relations Manager at WCBS.

If you are between the ages of 16 and 75, weigh 50kg or more, are healthy on the day of donation, and lead a safe sexual lifestyle, you should be able to donate. Blood donation takes 30 minutes of your time and you can donate every 56 days. To find your closest blood donation clinic, please download the WCBS app on Android and iOS, send us a WhatsApp on 060 549 7244, or view our Where Can I Donate page.


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