By Marike Carli

Be someone’s type (blood type, that is) in 2023 by making regular blood donations during the year. Committing to 4 blood donations during the year, you could save up to 12 lives – every unit of whole blood is separated into 3 life-saving parts; red cells, platelets and plasma.

Don’t know what your blood type is? Don’t worry, every unit of blood gets tested for blood type, and you can find yours on our app. Therefore, if giving back features top on your New Year’s resolution list, then donating blood is a good start.

We would like to thank all our blood donors for their support during 2022, especially during the festive season. We collected 13 362 blood donations over this time, which led to potentially saving over 40 000 lives. This year our goal is to reach 160 000 blood donations and to increase our collections amongst our youth donors.

By encouraging the youth to donate blood, we cultivate a culture of lifesavers from a young age. To motivate high school learners, we launched our Super 9 Club. This campaign encourages youth donors to make 9 donations before their 19th birthday. In the same breath, we would like to encourage our youth donors that finished school last year to find an alternative blood donation clinic and continue their life-saving journey.

So, if you want to set a reminder for your next blood donation clinic, find the GPS coordinates to it, see real-time blood stock levels or just view your donor profile – with your blood type, visit or download the WCBS app. It has never been this easy to be someone’s type.