You’re eligible to donate blood if you:

  • Are between the ages of 16 and 75.
    You can still donate if you’re over 74 and are otherwise healthy, but we’ll need your physician’s consent. Read more about our Senior Citizens programme.
  • Weigh at least 50kg.
    Blood volume is measured in relation to body weight; a small framed person has less blood volume than a bigger framed person. The donation of 450ml will therefore be a much bigger blood volume loss for a small framed person than for a bigger framed person and it would therefore not be safe for people under 50kg to donate.
  • You are medically healthy.
    Blood from a sick or medicated donor could impact negatively on the recipient. You will not be able to become a donor if you had jaundice or hepatitis after the age of 13, or if you’ve had cancer, heart disease, epilepsy, or a bleeding disorder. If you have questions about specific medications you might be taking, contact our Medical Sister.
  • Lead a safe lifestyle.
    Things that are considered risky include drugs, multiple sexual partners, and tattoos or piercings done in the past three months. For your own safety you won’t be able to donate blood if you are a competitive sportsperson training for a big event, or are involved in a hazardous occupation.
  • Are committed to helping others.
    Simple as that.

There are times when even the healthiest individual shouldn’t donate:

Before heading off to the clinic, read through our list of things that might make you temporarily ineligible to donate blood. If you’re unsure of whether or not you qualify generally or on a particular day, you’re welcome to contact us for clarification or ask the Medical Sister on duty at the clinic.

Health and Lifestyle questionnaire:

The health and safety of our donors is as important as that of recipients, and so we have to make sure that you are not at risk when donating blood. We will ask you to complete a Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire each time you give blood, to ensure that you’re maintaining a healthy lifestyle and to determine your medical history.