Easy Steps to a Healthier You

By Melanie Rossouw

When we think of healthy living, we all know that eating healthy, regular exercise and good quality sleep is vital to a healthy lifestyle, and even more so for our blood donors. Maintaining an overall state of general good health forms part of our blood donor criteria and thus, we are always looking for ways to increase your health and overall sense of well-being. So with that in mind, we’ve decided to explore some new and innovative ways to help you obtain and maintain your best healthy life, by following 2 very simple steps that won’t cost you a cent.

Breathe easy

“Inhale the future, exhale the past.” – Author Unknown

Ever wondered what you could do while waiting in the blood donation queue? By practicing deep breathing, you can increase your sense of well-being anywhere and at any time. Practising deep breathing is a vital component in lung health, one of our most important organs. Breathing feeds oxygen to every cell of the body and with an abundance of oxygen, disease can’t survive. Learning techniques such as the 7/11 breathing technique enable more air to flow into your body and help calm your nerves, reducing stress and anxiety. Breathe in for 7 counts and out for 11 while watching your stress melt away.

Increase your frequency

“Everything in life is vibration.” – Albert Einstein

Everything in the universe consists of molecules vibrating at different speeds. Human vibrations are composed of everything from physical matter to the way you communicate the thoughts you think. In simple terms, some molecules vibrate faster and some vibrate slower; there are higher vibrations and lower vibrations.

When you vibrate at a higher level, you feel lighter, happier, and more at ease, whereas lower vibrations feel heavy, dark, and confused.

Below are some quick ways to increase your frequency:

  • State out loud 10 things that you are grateful for
  • Have a dance party for one
  • Take an Epsom salt bath
  • Hug someone you love

And there you have it – simple, easy and effective ways to increase your health and well-being in less than 5 minutes.

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