Q&A with Sr Strutt

Can I donate blood after I received my COVID vaccine?

Yes, you can donate blood after receiving your COVID vaccine, permitting you feel healthy on the day of donation and display no COVID symptoms.

If you are a health-care worker working with COVID patients, you will need to wait 7 days after your vaccination before donating blood.

Why is there a deferral period if I’ve visited the dentist?

The reason for this deferral is that during a dental procedure/clean, bacteria that is normally present in our mouth, enters the blood stream via the mucosa (mucous membrane) causing temporary bacteraemia.

Can I donate blood if I’m taking medication?

This depends on what medication you are taking and what you are being treated for. Donors on blood pressure medication or anti-depressants should be stable on their medication for a month before they can donate.

If you are not certain whether you can donate, please consult anyone at your blood donation clinic or contact us by sending a WhatsApp to 060 549 7244.

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