By Jihaan Opperman

Plasma is the golden liquid part of your blood that carries different proteins, such as clotting factors and antibodies. It is used mostly for medical and surgical conditions such as major bleeding, burns, haemophilia and other clotting abnormalities. It is also given to patients who cannot fight off infection because of a weak immune system, genetic disorders or chemotherapy.

We started our plasma journey in April 2021 and managed to collect 2 216 unitsduring our first year. Since then we have made plasma donation facilities available at all of our Cape Metropole fixed sites. After that, we continued our golden journey and collected 4 330 units from April 2022 to date. We would like to collect 500 units during March 2023 and need your help to reach it.

If your haemoglobin (iron) level is too low to donate whole blood, don’t worry; it only needs to be 12 – 16g/dl when donating plasma. You can also donate if you have been to a malaria area. You need to weigh at least 55kg, be between the ages of 18-65 and feel healthy on the day of donation. The staff on duty will also check whether you have easily accessible veins.

If you think you tick all the boxes above and feel healthy, make your plasma donation appointment today. Please click here to make your appointment at any of our fixed sites.