It Takes All Types – Blood Grouping as a Marketing Tool

By Craig Hicks

Your blood group, or as some would say, your blood type – Something we all know exists, but something that many of us are unsure of. Did you know that if you’re a blood donor, you can find your blood group on your digital donor card on the WCBS app?

If you’re not a blood donor, you might not know your blood group, and that’s exactly why we’ll be including blood group screening in various marketing campaigns in the Western Cape in 2022. The aim of blood group screening is to educate the public about the importance of all blood groups and is also a continuous effort to recruit new blood donors.

While this is only a screen, and is not a 100% guaranteed blood group test, it is still a good indication of your blood group, and unless you have a rare variant, it’s more than likely a credible screening and result.

We’re always looking for all blood groups as blood stocks fluctuate daily. The O blood group does experience the most pressure as it is the universal donor and can be given to all other blood groups.

Look out for our marketing team at a mall near you and if you don’t know your blood type, pop in, find out and register as a blood donor! To find out where we will be next please send a WhatsApp to 060 549 7244.


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